Saturday 24 May, 2014

Information about Hamlet tickets


Booking starts on 01 August 2014, 10am

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The Barbican released more booking information for Hamlet yesterday. The Shakespeare play, in which Benedict Cumberbatch will be taken on the role of the danish prince, is set for 6. August – 31. october 2015 with exact dates and times to be confirmed.

The booking is split into 3 phases:
01. August: Priority for Red Barbican Members (Online and phone)
04. August: Priority for Orange Barbican Members (Online and phone)
11. August: General Sale (Online, phone and Barbican box office)

The Barbican Red Membership is 100 Pounds per year, the Orange Membership 40 Pounds per year. For more information on memberships and the specific perks, please follow the link: Barbican Memberships

Important: There is a limit of 6 tickets per household over all performances!!!

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