12 Years A Slave (2013) Film


Autobiographical drama about Solomon Northup’s kidnapping that led to a 12 year enslavement.

British director and screenwriter of Shame and Hunger, Steve McQueen, staged a high-caliber drama based on the same named autobiography by Solomon Northup.

What is it about:
Saratoga, New York, 1853. The Afro-American Solomon Northup earns his living as a violinist and leads a simple but not the less happy life. One day he is hired by two strangers for an appearance and is happy to accept. After his successful performance the strangers invite him for a drink – and when Solomon wakes up the very next day, his life has cruelly changed: he was kidnapped and finds himself chained to a slave ship with direction to Louisiana! He refers to the liberties of every man, but he remains unheard – Solomon is sold for 12 years and has to serve several, sometimes extremely brutal “masters”. “Hold” in brutality and under inhuman conditions, exploited to exhaustion, he realizes that he must take drastic action to escape.


Pics (source: Tobis Film):
Behind the scene videos and interviews: 12 Years A Slave Videos

Steve McQueen

Steve McQueen
John Ridley

Chiwetel Ejiofor (Solomon Northup), Michael Fassbender (Edwin Epps), Benedict Cumberbatch (William Ford), u.a.m.

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The autobiography of Solomon Northup is available on Amazon