Amazing Grace (2006) Film


Benedict impresses in this historical drama as charismatic Prime Minister William Pitt.

Amazing Grace is one of the most famous hymns in the world and owes its origin to John Newton, the captain of a slave ship. 1748, after his ship arrived in serious distress and he was rescued, Newton wrote a text about this experience, treated slaves much more human and later even converted to Christianity. He became a pastor and fought on the side of William Wilberforce against slavery.

In 1972, the familiar melody ranked on top of the British charts in a version of the Royal Scots Dragoon Guards. The eponymous film Amazing Grace was produced by Michael Apted in 2006 and had its world premiere on 16 September 2006 at the Toronto Film Festival. In this historical drama Benedict Cumberbatch plays William Pitt the Younger, who made history when becoming the youngest British Prime Minister (first appointed 1783) at the age of 24. For his impressive portrayal Benedict was nominated for the ALFS Award in 2008.

What is it about:
1797. To regain his energy after his long, exhausting and hopeless struggle against slavery, William Wilberforce moves to the Manor of friends. There, he gets introduced to the charming Barbara Spooner. She is a kindred soul in his fight against the inhuman slavery and William takes her to his wife. With her ​​at his side and the support of his long-time friend William Pitt, Britain’s influential prime minister, his mentor, John Newton, a former captain of a slave ship and now priest and Olaudah Equiano, a highly-educated author and earlier slave, he goes on fighting against slavery – and finally achieves a historic victory of social justice.


Michael Apted

Steven Knight

Ioan Gruffudd (William Wilberforce), Romola Garai (Barbara Spooner), Allbert Finney (Joh Newton) and others

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