Artists in Crime (2008) Audio

Artists in Crime

Benedict reads the detective adventure of Inspector Alleyn and must solve a mysterious murder case.

Artists in Crime is a detective novel written by Ngaio Marsh in 1938. It is the 6th Novel in a series of stories with Inspector Roderick Alleyn in the lead role. Read by Benedict Cumberbatch, the audio book was released on 04 December 2008.

The model Sonia Gluck is stabbed in mysterious ways while posing for a course in the model drawing. Inspector Roderick Alleyn is called in to investigate the murder in the artistic cirlce.
However, before he can catch the killer, Roderick faces another problem: he falls in love with the prime suspect, painter Agatha Troy, which he has previously met on board a passenger ship in the South Pacific. Much to his disappointment, however, she shows no interest in him and belittles his life as a police officer.
Supported by Inspector Fox, Roderick must soon find that he not only has to with murder but also with extortion.

The story is available as novel and audio book on Amazon.

Image Credit: Waterstones