Regents Park Open Air Theatre (2002) Theater


In 2002 Benedict appeared in three productions by the New Shakespeare Company.

From 5th of June to the 7th of September 2002 Benedict Cumberbatch appeared in three productions of the New Shakespeare Company at Regent’s Park Open Air Theatre. He embodied the role of Benvolio in Romeo and Juliet and Orlando in As You Like It. About his character in Oh, What a Lovely War! (written by Joan Littlewood) are no detailed information available.

Romeo and Juliet:
Two reputable families, the Montagues and Capulets of Verona lived in dispute for generations, which ultimately also had impacts on the whole city.
Romeo, son of the Montague’s and hopelessly in love with Rosaline, is taken to the Capulets’ mask ball by his friends who were invited by mistake. There it comes to a fateful meeting with Juliet, a Capulet..

As You Like It:
Orlando, the youngest son of the late Sir Rowland de Boys, and Rosalind, the daughter of the Duke, have fallen in love at first sight. But a happy ending is not in sight: Orlando, whose heritage was stolen by his brother, has to flee to the Forest of Arden. Also Rosalind is banished from the court after her father was deposed by his own brother. She disguises herself as a man called “Ganymede”, and follows her father into the forest. Here she finds love poems written by Orlando hanging from trees. A clever game of hide and seek begins.

Oh, What a Lovely War!:
The play is based on Charles Chilton’s radio musical The Long Long Trail, which consists of a number of songs from the First World War, including “It’s a Long Way to Tipperary” and “Keep the Fires Burning”. Often presented in Pierrot costumes, images and statistics from the war are shown in the background, forming a contrast to the comedy that takes place on stage.


As You Like It

„The role of Rosalind is an obvious delight and Rebecca Johnson is a likeable, puckish heroine who seems ideally matched to Benedict Cumberbatch’s perfectly pensive, poetic Orlando.“London Theatre Guide

Romeo and Juliet

„There is one other quietly eye-catching performance from Benedict Cumberbatch, whose watchful Benvolio seems to carry the whole weight of the tragedy on his frail shoulders.“The Guardian

Oh, What a Lovely War!

„The cast, expertly directed by Ian Talbot, are first-rate and contribute both enthusiasm and panache throughout.“London Theatre Guide

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