August: Osage County (2013) Film


A tragicomedy with a star-studded cast. Benedict can be seen as “Little” Charles Aiken.

The film-adaptation of August: Osage County is based on the eponymous play by Tracy Letts and offers a star-studded cast.

What is it about:
In Osage County, Oklahoma, Beverly Weston lives with his wife Violet. Their three daughters are long out of the house and have their own lives.
He – an alcoholic poet, she – a bitter woman who is suffering from cancer and is addicted to pills. Beverly hires a home help for his wife and disappears shortly thereafter. The family must find him dead, committing suicide.

Because of the funeral, all three daughters and their partners come to Osage County. The family reunion escalates due to Violet’s ongoing provocations and taunts. And within all that misery family secrets come to light: Violet’s first daughter has been separated from her unfaithful husband, her second daughter is planning to run away with her own cousin and the boyfriend of her third daughter is obviously chasing after her first daughter. And yet the mudslinging has just begun….

Production Stills

John Wells

George Clooney
Jean Doumanian
Grant Hesloy
Steve Traxler
Harvey Weinstein

Tracy Letts

Sam Shepard (Beverly Weston), Meryl Streep (Violet Weston), Julia Roberts (Barbara Weston), Juliette Lewis (Karen Weston), Julianne Nicholson (Ivy Weston), Benedict Cumberbatch (‘Little ‘ Charles Aiken), Ewan McGregor (Bill Fordham) etc.

More information
The play is available in paperback from Amazon.

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