Broken News (2005) TV


Brilliantly amusing, Benedict brings us the “Breaking News” of the day as reporter Will Parker.

Broken News is a comedy series which aired from 20 October 2005 on BBC Two with a total of 6 episodes. The series makes fun of the British “addiction” to a 24/7 news feed and shows the world of news channels broadcasting around the clock. The title is a pun on “Breaking News”.
145 actors play reporters and news makers in this mini-series, Benedict Cumberbatch is to be seen in 3 episodes as Will Parker.

What is it about:
5 continents, 25 news channels, 227 reporters… all news that you need in 30 minutes. Various networks and news channels provide their audience with a 24 hour news service. And the reporters are asked to fill 24 hours with news material. So, eventually even “The tomato flu” (Episode 1) becomes the news of the day and the news channels advise on how to escape them (e.g. by not eating tomato ketchup!)…

John Morton

John Morton, Tony Roche

Claudia Christian (Julia Regan von IBS), Duncan Duff (Richard Pritchard von ESN), Sharon Horgan (Katie Tate von ESN) and others

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Benedict as Will Parker „live“: