Burlesque Fairytales (2010) Film


Nothing is as it seems in this fairy tale film with Benedict as father Henry Clark.

Burlesque Fairytales is a drama produced in 2010 in the UK. Already in 2009 the film was awarded at the Seattle Independent Film Festival with the STIFFY Award for Best Cinematography and was chosen as the closing film of the great film night gala at the Toronto FE Festival as well as at the Cannes Independent Film Festival 2010.The fairy-tale thriller was shot in 19 days only, Hollywood director Roland Emmerich took on the entire financing. In this fairy tale which in fact is no fairy tale at all, Benedict Cumberbatch plays the role of the father Henry Clark.

What is it about:
The Chapel Theatre in London. A night in the 30s. The elegant crowd is gathered, waiting for the surprise of the evening as the program has announced “a night of revelations”. But nothing is as it seems. So right from the beginning the audience does not know how it even came to the theater – and the moment everyone has taken place, the doors get closed and the audience is trapped. While the actual movie starts to run, five parallel tales are told on stage in a mix of film, stage, entertainment, amazing props and elements of nature. But time passes, the moment of revelation is getting closer – and there is only one way for the audience to escape ….


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Susan Luciani

Susan Luciani

Anne Andresen (mermaid), Esmé Bianco (mother), Stephen Campbell Moore (Peter Blythe-Smith), Jim Carter (announcer) and others

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