Cabin Pressure (2008) Audio


Benedict extremely funny as unpaid Captain Martin Crieff in the BBC radio comedy show.

Cabin Pressure is a Pozzitive Production for BBC Radio 4. Since the start of the series on 02 July 2008 25 episodes in 4 seasons have been aired. Benedict Cumberbatch plays the role of Captain Martin Crieff, a nervous, fussy pilot who emphasizes in any situation that he is the captain.

Cabin Pressure is a sitcom written by John Finnemore, which follows the adventures of the crew of a small charter airline. The airline is in fact so small that if it was up to the owner and CEO Carolyn Knapp-Shappey, it would be more of an Airdot, because you can not put in one jet in a line. Besides her, MJN Air consists of son Arthur, who acts as Stewart, Captain Martin Crieff and First Officer Douglas Richardson.
In order to escape the threat of bankruptcy, no job is too small or difficult for MJN Air. So they are transporting an entire orchestra, flying a movie star to Cremona, or managing to get Mr. Birling to the annual rugby final. To make sure there is boredom in the cockpit, First Officer Richardson has a number of interesting (word) games in store. Amongst the favorites are “Rhyming Jouneys” and “Traveling Lemon”.
And so every trip is an exciting adventure with plenty of mishaps and fun in the motto of the airline: “Welcome to MJN Air, putting the excitement back into air travel Sometimes too much so”

A few taster clips:


Image Credit: BBC