Casanova: The Venetian Years (2006) Audio


Who is better to give the greatest lover of all times his beautiful voice than Benedict.

It took Casanova 18 years to write down his memoirs, and another 100 years passed before they were classified as genuine. Casanova: The Veterian Years is written in a remarkably modern, accessible and fun way, and is brought passionately to life by Benedict Cumberbatch.

Giacomo Casanova, born in 1725, of Spanish and Italian origin, lived a long and exciting life. As a scholar and adventurer, he traveled through Europe and Russia, and used to deal with princes and kings. For some time he was serving the army and became a great political instigator. But all too often the line between good and bad fortune was quite narrow, and very often he turned to gambling and loafing.

Casanova is of course best known for his countless stories of women, as the greatest lover of all time – and the audience will still be consumed by his charm and eloquence…

The first volume of the series is about his childhood and life as a young man in Italy.

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