Copenhagen (2013) Audio


Benedict as physicist Werner Heisenberg in a historic meeting with his colleague Niels Bohr.

Copenhagen is a play in two acts, written by Michael Frayn in 1998.
The piece is based on the historic meeting of the two physicists Werner Heisenberg and Niels Bohr in Copenhagen which is occupied by german troops at that time.

Produced by the BBC in 2013, the roles were as follows: Benedict Cumberbatch (Heisenberg), Simon Russell Beale (Bohr), and Greta Scacchi (Margrethe, Bohr’s wife).

Copenhagen premiered at the National Theatre in London on 28 May 1998 and was so successful that it was transferred to the Duchess Theatre in the West End. In 2002, the BBC used Frayn’s script and produced a film with Daniel Craig as Werner Heisenberg.

What it is about:
1941. In Europe WWII is raging. Germany is on the rise and has already occupied Denmark among others. The German physicist Werner Heisenberg is on his way to visit his friend and mentor Niels Bohr in Copenhagen. However, the encounter leads to lasting resentment between the two physicists.
Michael Frayn constructs a meeting of the 3 protagonists, Heisenberg, Bohr and his wife Margrethe. But what was the meeting about? Building a nuclear bomb, did Heisenberg try to win Bohr for the German program, or did he even try to spy on him? Various scenarios are played in Frayn’s play. Moreover, the question of responsibility and morality of science is posed.


Pictures from the recording can be seen here: Behind the Scenes

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Image Credit: BBC