Creation (2009) Film


Benedict plays Joseph Hooker in the history around Charles Darwin and his “The Origin of Species”.

Creation is a British drama about Charles Darwin and was first broadcast in 2009. Partly biographical, partly fictional, it tells Darwin’s relationship with his eldest daughter Annie, as he struggles with the completion of his book “On the Origin of Species”. The screenplay is based on Randal Keynes biography “Annie ‘s Box”.

Benedict Cumberbatch is seen in the role of Joseph Hooker, Darwin’s friend in the scientific community.

What is it about:
15 years have passed since the young Charles Darwin has returned from his expedition to the Galapagos Islands. His collected evidence should already have been processed in a book, but Darwin is scared of the impact his work may leave, so the manuscript still remains unfinished. His puristic wife Emma is living in constant fear for the salvation of the family because of – in her point of view – her husband’s blasphemous theories.

The marriage splinters – and Darwin hallucinates his daughter Annie, who died prematurely, to get at least her support for his work, which he so ardently desires. So he keeps on writing his work, being in a constant dialogue with his dead daughter – and loses himself rapidly between his dream world and his social responsibility.

Jon Amiel

John Amiel
Randal Keynes (biography Annie’ Box)

Paul Bettany (Charles Darwin), Martha West (Annie Darwin), Ian Kelly (Cpt. Fitzroy) and others

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