Death in a White Tie (2008) Audio

Death in a WHite Tie

Benedict reads the exciting investigations of Inspector Roderick Alleyn around a murder in the highest circles.

Death in a White Tie, written by Ngaio Marsh, was first published in 1938. It’s the 7th book that has the detective Roderick Alleyn in the lead role. Benedict Cumberbatch reads the story.

It is the time after the first world war and the English upper class returns to their old traditions and rules. The London season has just begun, and dressed in expensive robes debutantes being introduced into society at a festive ball. This opportunity is exploited mercilessly by an unknown – he blackmails the prominent society ladies. Lord Robert Gospell, none is more popular at this time in London, calls his friend Scotland Yard Inspector Roderick Alleyn for help. However, before his arrival, it is Lord Gospell who figures out who the blackmailer is. But before he can tell his friend, he is suffocated by a stranger in a taxi. Now it’s on Roderick Alleyn to find out who murdered his friend and blackmailed the women.

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