Fame and Fortune (2007) Audio


Benedict as Jonty set in the last quarter of the 20th Century, a period marked by major upheavals and Thatcher.

Fame and Fortune is a six-part sequel to the television classic The Glittering Prizes by Frederic Raphael from the year 1977. The six episodes aired from 27 October to 01 December 2007 on BBC Radio 4.

Fame and Fortune begins in May 1979, the time when Margaret Thatcher came to power. Adam is in his mid-40s and married to Barbara. They lead a good lifestyle, their children are in training – Tom is in Cambridge, Rachel will also follow soon. However, Adam’s dream to finally be able to write the book he always wanted to write, without -as usual- being dragged into showbiz and Hollywood by his old friend Mike Clode.
The series reflects the English social life as well as the private and public values ​​of the last quarter of the 20th Century.

In this radio adaptation the roles are spoken: Jonty by Benedict Cumberbatch, Adam Morris by Tom Conti, Rachel Morrisby Flora Montgomery, and others.


Image Credit: telegraph.co.uk