Fields of Gold (2002) Film


Benedict as Jeremy in a depressing film about ethical and moral subject of genetically modified foods.

Fields of Gold is a BBC production and was first broadcast on 8 June 2002 in the UK. Although the movie could be categorised as sci-fi, it tackles quite relevant and very controversial topics like genetically modified plants, the role of large pharmaceutical companies and the question of control of state and government.

Benedict Cumberbatch plays Jeremy in this 180mins production.

What’s happening in Fields of Gold?
The press photographer Lucia Merritt and journalist Ray Lodge discover a sinister business of the government with genetically modified plants. Thereby fierce questions arise:

How far are large, multinational pharmaceutical companies willing to go to earn money? Are they excluded from governmental control? Are foods derived from genetically modified plants actually the answer and solution?

Bill Anderson

Ronan Bennett, Alan Rusbridger

Anna Friel, (Lucia Merritt), Philip Davis (Ray Lodge)

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