Fortysomething (2003) TV


Benedict as bold, pubescent Rory Slippery who, together with his two brothers, drives his father completely crazy.

Fortysomething is a British comedy series which was broadcast on ITV from 29 June 2003. The later famous for his role as the grumpy Dr. House (and Golden Globe awarded) Hugh Laurie plays the main protagonist, Dr. Paul Slippery.

Benedict Cumberbatch plays Rory Slippery, one of Slippery’s three sons.

What’s happening in Fortysomething?
Dr. Paul Slippery, a doctor at the mid-forties, lives with his wife Estelle and their three teenage sons Rory, Daniel and Edwin in Putney, a suburb in west London. His life is one crisis: problems with his wife, who he believes cheats on him – but their relationship is already for a time no longer the way they used to be, nerve-racking discussions with his boys who seem to be only interested in sex and constantly bring home new girlfriends, and that his friend (in his fifties) shows up with a thirty year-old woman, really upsets Paul. He is in the middle of a mid -life crises. And because it can not go on like this, Paul tries desperately to put order in his life.


Hugh Laurie (3 episodes, 2003)

Nigel Williams (4 espisodes, 2003)

Hugh Laurie (Dr. Paul Slippery), Anna Chancellor (Estelle Slippery), Benedict Cumberbatch (Rory Slippery), Neil Henry (Daniel Slippery), Joe Van Moyland (Edwin Slippery)

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