Heartbeat (2000) TV


Benedict as Charles in two episodes of one of Britain’s most successful TV shows of the 90s.

Heartbeat is a British television series and was first broadcast on 10 April 1992 on ITV. 372 episodes were shown on TV until 12 September 2010.
The series shows the experiences of a rural police station in Yorkshire in the 1960s in a humorous way. With 10 to 15 million viewers per episode Heartbeat is the most successful and long-lived British TV series of the 90s.

Over the years, the show had some guest appearances from now well-known stars, e.g. Benedict Cumberbatch among others. He played the role of Charles in 2 episodes in 2000 and 2004. Also in the show was Benedict’s mother Wanda Wentham. She played Fiona Weston in 4 episodes (1996/97). Benedict’s father Timothy Carlton was also in 5 episodes (1997-2004) as Colonel Hepwoth. Una Stubbs, also known as Sherlock’s Landlady, appeared as Anthea Cowley in 2 episodes (1997-2004).

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Here are 2 clips from Benedict’s appearance in the show: