Inseparable (2007) Film


In this deeply sad short film Benedict has a dual role as twin brothers.

Inseparable is a short film which was shown first on 15 March 2007. Within only 11 minutes Benedict Cumberbatch can be seen in two roles as the twin brothers Joe and Charlie. 11 minutes, as they can hardly be more emotional.

What is it about:
Joe, family man and well off, receives the news that he will soon die from an illness. But he wants his family to be well provided, he turns to his only chance – his twin brother Charlie, a failed existence, homeless and addicted to alcohol. A poignant story about family ties, identities and fates…

Nick White

Matthew James Wilkinson

Natalie Press (Jean), Bijan Daneshmand (Arzt), Dylan Byrne (Joes und Jeans Sohn)

More info:
There is a Special Facebook site about this film which you can find here:

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Image Credit: Pixelphonics