Into The Universe (2010) TV


In this amazing documentary Benedict gives his voice to Stephen Hawking, the great astrophysicist.

Into the Universe is a TV mini-series with 4 episodes produced and presented by Stephen Hawking and was first aired on 9 April 2010 on Discovery Channel in America. A month later, it was shown in UK under the slightly different title Stephen Hawking’s Universe.
Each episode gives an insight into the thoughts and feelings of one of the greatest living scientists, Stephen Hawking, a brilliant reflection of his personal beliefs and current scientific theories. Benedict Cumberbatch, already portraying the genius in 2004 in the film Hawking, gives his voice to the handicapped physicist who can articulate only via a voice- box. Nevertheless, Stephen Hawking still explains some very special, tricky points by himself in each episode – also to have some fun, because despite its immobility his spirit is more mobile than that of most people. It should always be borne in mind that every word Benedict speaks is one to one said by Hawking.

What is it about:
In Episode 1, Hawking deals with the question of the existence of extraterrestrial life. Speculation about the existence of another planet similar to Earth, other variants life, in other forms, that never would call us life forms up to a possible contact with “aliens” – but do we want this at all? Or would it be better to forego? Hawking gives the viewer an understanding of his personal opinion, namely, that there are certainly many different life forms in the universe, but that he doubts any contact yet.

In the second episode time travel and the different theories about its possible implementation are the focal point. It’s about the influence of gravity (clocks fixed on satellites moving within the orbit do run faster than exact counterparts on earth, though with an unrecognizable difference for ordinary people) that under certain circumstances could allow a kind of time travel. For example, a minute in orbit in the immediate vicinity of a black hole could mean 2 minutes in a different environment – the current scientific theory of a fourth spatial dimension, Stephen Hawking points out surprisingly understandable.

In the last two episodes titled “Story of Everything” is Hawking embarks on an exciting journey of the mind to the creation of the universe, of galaxies and stars and the idea how a planet may become a planet for life forms. Current theories are explained as interesting as understandable as the following various speculations how life might survive if our planet might be destroyed, and how the Universe itself might end one day.

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several parts and episoded of this amazing documentary can be seen on YouTube