Jerusalem (2013) Audio


Benedict as narrator in an extraordinary documentary about one of the most historic cities in the world.

Jerusalem is a 45 minute film about one of the oldest and most famous historical cities in the world. Production and distribution of this film are done by the National Geographic Cinema Ventures (NGVC), known for very special 3D films and films for extreme large area screens. NGVC has produced a considerable number of successful films in recent years, including the Oscar-nominated documentary “Restrepo”, the award-winning film “Flying Monsters”, “Meerkats”, “Sea Monsters: A Prehistoric Adventure”, “U2 3D”, “Mysteries of Egypt” and “Forces of Nature” – all movies produced for special large formats .Furthermore Cosmic Pictures and Arcane Pictures distinguish for the production of this unique city view. The last Cosmic production, “Journey to Mecca”, was awarded with the IMAX documentation Award, Arcane Pictures received for their film “The End often the Line” the Puma Creative Impact Award for documentation with the greatest social importance worldwide.

Benedict Cumberbatch, once more, takes the role of the narrator in this remarkable documentation.



What is it about:
Jerusalem takes us on a journey into one of the most historic cities in the world. Over 5000 years repeatedly destroyed and rebuilt. Center of the three major world religions.
What makes Jerusalem so mystical, so interesting, so sacred? So important to so many different cultures?

3 young citizens and their Jewish, Christian and Muslim families try to investigate this question – and take the viewer right into their lives in this particular city.

The two archaeologists Dr. Jodi Magness and Dr. Nazmi al-Jubeh on the other hand accompany us to the exceptional historical sites and little known regions of the interplay and exciting crossovers of different religions and cultures that Jerusalem has always housed, and which makes this city still the intercultural center it is for hundreds of years.

The trailer for this documentary:

Jake Eberts (Oscar winner for Gandhi, Dances With Wolves, The Killing Fields)
Taran Davies (Journey to Mecca)
George Duffiled (The End of the Line)

Writer, Director and Producer
Daniel Ferguson (Lost Worlds, Wired to Win: Surviving the Tour de France)
Dominic Cunningham Reid (Journey to Mecca), executive producer

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