Le Pere Goriot (2005) Audio

Le Pere Goriot

Honore de Balzac’s most important novel from 1835, touchingly read by Benedict.

Le Pere Goriot is an 1835 novel written by the French writer Honore de Balzac, which is part of the series of novels La Comedie Humaine.
The novel is accepted as Balzac’s most important piece both in terms of writing style and narrative as well as with regard to its criticism of the manners and morals of Parisian society in the 19th Century.

Paris 1819. In the pension Vauquer, in a slightly run-down district of Paris, an illustrious group of characters puts down. Among them are Eugene de Rastignac, a young law student from an impoverished noble family, a mysterious criminal named Vautrin and the old pasta producer Goriot, who has gained a considerable fortune after the revolution, but passes almost everything to his two daughters Anastasie and Delphine. Despite the magnanimity of their father the two daughters are ashamed of him and let him live in the dilapidated house. Even when her father falls terminally ill, they do not care for him, and even take his last money to buy new clothes for a ball. The only one who takes care of Father Goriot is Rastignac…

Balzac’s classic novel was aired in 10 episodes from 12 to 23 September 2005 on BBC Radio 4, and was read by Benedict Cumberbatch.


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