Little Favour (2013) Film


Benedict in an action-packed thriller about a “little favour”.

Little Favour is an action-packed thriller – and as the title suggests about a “little favour”. But how “little” is this favour in the end? And what is the prize for a friendship which begun in Iraq a long time ago?
The filming of this short movie took place from June 1-5th 2013 in London, and is now available on iTunes worldwide.

What is it about:
7 years have passed since Wallace left the service of Her Majesty – and 10 years since his American colleague and friend James saved his life during a joint mission in Iraq. To get through everyday life, Wallace now uses his skills and knowledge for lucrative deals. At the same time he tries to keep his battle against post-traumatic stress disorder which he suffers from since his experiences during the Iraq war, secret. One day, after he is finally able to embark on a new relationship, his old friend appears – and asks for a “little favour”. How could he refuse a favour from the man who once saved his life?

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Patrick Victor Monroe

Adam Ackland
Ben Dillon
Benedict Cumberbatch

Patrick Victor Monroe

Benedict Cumberbatch (Wallace), Colin Salmon (James), Nick Moran

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The project couldn’t be realized without donations by fans and third parties.
For this Benedict Cumberbatch recorded a special Thank You message:


Image Credit: Little Favour Indiegogo