Magik (2015) Upcoming Projects


Benedict as Lewis Clark in a new animated fantasy film by Stephen Wallis.

Animated fantasy film
Expected publication: December 2015 (Canada)

Magik is another animated film by Stephen Wallis.

After Poppy’s Fields, which is expected to be published during fall 2013, Wallis, again, could convince Benedict Cumberbatch to be part of his new film project, this time as the voice for its main character Lewis Clark. Wallis wrote his first screenplay already with 12 years, today he says: “I ​​found it again a few months back and I was amazed when i read it just how strong my imagination what . Structurally I’m better now , but I think I did 12 -year-old kid had even a better imagination than 99 per cent of what I read from other writers nowadays .”

There is no further information about start of the recording works, we will of course keep you informed and up-dated as soon as we get news.

What is Magik about:
It’s the story of the brilliant and successful author Lewis Clark. When his two small children suddenly disappear an adventural search in a world of magic begins for Lewis. He has to fight the insidious evil that wants his well-known, familiar world and the new, magical one to get destroyed.


Writer & Creator
Stephen Wallis

Wayne Thompson

Benedict Cumberbatch (Lewis Clark), Mattew Goode (Talon), Tom Riley (Samuel), Jim Broadbent (Garret), Samantha Morton (Lucia), Stephen Wallis (Ogre Bartender) u.a.m.

More Info
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