Mr. Norris Changes Trains (2004) Audio


Benedict reads the story about two men in Berlin at the time of the rise of the Nazis.

Mr. Norris changes Trains was written by Christopher Isherwood. First published in 1933, it tries to evoke the atmosphere in Berlin at the time of the rise of the Nazis.

On a train ride from Holland to Berlin, the young English teacher William Bradshaw meets an elderly Englishman named Arthur Norris. Norris describes himself as a member of the British upper middle class, who has spent his inheritance recklessly and now earns his living through various vague shops. But they seem terminated on charges of dishonesty and fraud, and Mr. Norris is now forced to look for a new destination.
Despite these ominous signs and warnings from his friends, William becomes friends with Mr. Norris, enjoying his company and hospitality and helps him through some difficulties. He is amused by Norris’ trivial offenses and Norris tries to drive him into a romantic relationship with a German aristocrat that. of course, will hopefully knock out a financial benefit for Norris.

The story, narrated by Benedict Cumberbatch, aired in 5 parts from August 23 to August 27, 2004 on BBC Radio 4.

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