Nathan Barley (2005) TV


In this British comedy series Benedict is seen as Robin in two episodes.

Nathan Barley is a television comedy series which started on 11 February 2005. The series aired weekly with a total of 6 episodes on Channel 4. Benedict Cumberbatch was to be seen in two episodes as Robin.

What is it about:
Nathan Barley is webmaster, filmmaker, screenwriter, DJ – in his own words, a “self-facilitating media node”. He believes to be the epitome of coolness (and at the same time has the secret fear he might just not be!). Therefore, he also reads the trendy Sugar Ape magazine, his “bible of cool.”

Dan Ashcroft, a chaotic and ill-tempered journalist, writes an article for Sugar Ape with the title “The Rise of the Idiots”, a story about scene-people, superficial and stupid, only interested in the latest trends. And Nathan Barley is the best example of such an “idiot”. And this idiot puts Dan and his sister Claire, reputable maker of documentaries, continuously into embarrassing situations.

Christopher Morris (6 episodes + Pilot)

Christopher Morris (6 episodes + Pilot), Charlie Brooker (6 episodes)

Nicholas Burns (Nathan Barley), Julian Barratt (Dan Ashcroft), Claire Keelan (Claire Ashcroft), Ben Wishaw (Pingu, 6 Episoden)

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