Neverwhere (2013) Audio


Is there any better voice for an Angel than Benedict’s? A mysterious world where nothing is the way it seems.

Neverwhere is a BBC Radio 4 Extra adaptation of Neil Gaiman’s novel of the same name. Six episodes, named after the vlocation of each episode, aired from 16 to 21 March 2013.
Besides Benedict Cumberbatch, who gave his voice to the Angel Islington, several other famous voices joined the production: James McAvoy (Richard Mayhew), Natalie Dormer (Lady Doo), David Harewood (Marquis de Carabas), Sophie Okoneda (Hunter), Christopger Lee (Count of Earl’s Court), Bernard Cribbins (Old Bailey) and Anthony Head (Mr. Croup).

What is it about:
Richard Mayhew lives a normal life as a businessman with his fiancée in London. Everything changes, however, when he helps an injured girl named Door, who appears out of nowhere directly in front of him on the street. What Richard does not know is that she comes from a world beneath London, London Below – a world populated by people who speak with rats, dastardly killers, angels, cast outs from heaven, knights and monsters, monks and fighters – all of them unknown to the world above, London Above, and invisible for all the “normal” people there.

Richard unwittingly gets drawn into this world. By helping Door, he loses his complete well-known life and suddenly no longer exists in London Above. His only chance seems in following Door, down to London Below, and try to get back his life. For Richard an adventurous journey starts, down to the underground tunnels of London, a fight to the death, between good and evil …. and Richard eventually finds everything that he has indeed never really wanted, but in the end is the most important thing.

On the official site you can find more information about each episode, the characters, excerpts from the program.

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Image Credit: BBC