Parade’s End (2012) TV


Playing the part of Christopher Tietjens, Benedict suffers in a love triangle against the backdrop of the First World War.

Parade ‘s End is a five-part TV mini-series produced by BBC, HBO and VRT, first broadcast on 24 August 2012 on BBC 2. A screening of the series also took place on 11 October at the Film Festival in Ghent in the presence of Benedict Cumberbatch.The series is based on the eponymous novel by Ford Madox Ford (written 1924-1928).The TV adaptation has received four nominations and five awards, including the 2013 Broadcasting Press Guild Award in the category Best Actor for Benedict.

Benedict plays the main protagonist Christopher Tietjens in the war drama.

What is it about:
England during the First World War. It is the decline of the traditional British society and the beginning of a modern age. Christopher Tietjens, offspring of an old-established, northern English landowner family with Dutch origin, is married to Sylvia, a predictable, ruthless woman who cheats on him in many affairs. Even their son Michael might not be his own. But Christopher, as a very honorable gentleman, stands by his marriage, even if this marriage means his imprisonment.

When he meets the free-spirited suffragette Valentine, he falls in love with the young woman who lives in this very modern, new age thinking. Joining the war at the frontline, Christopher realizes that he has to make a decision – and suffers not only a war neurosis and partial amnesia…

Susanna White

Ford Madox Ford (book)
Tom Stoppard

Rebecca Hall (Sylvia Tietjens), Adelaide Clemens (Valentine Wannop), Rupert Everett (Mark Tietjens), Roger Allam (General Campion), u.a.m.

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