Rumpole (2009) Audio


Benedict plays the lawyer Rumpole. He takes all kind of suspect clients and exciting cases.

Rumpole of the Bailey is a British television series, developed and written by John Mortimer, which had its run from 1975 till 1992. The focus is on Horace Rumpole, an aging lawyer who accepts each client and each case. The series is continued in a variety of short stories, novels and radio programs today.

In the radio programs for BBC Radio 4 Benedict Cumberbatch voices young Rumpole.
Until now, he could be heard in the following episodes:

Rumpole and The Sleeping Partners (21.03.2014)
Rumpole and Hilda are having an argument after a legal ball in the Savoy Hotel. Rumpole is joined by his assistant Phillida to defend Hugo Lutterworth who is accused of trying to kill the husband of his lover.

Rumpole and The Old Boy Net (20.03.2014)
1964. Hilda is worried about their sons education and wants Rumpole to become a Q.C., so that they can afford a decent education for Nicholas. Meanwhile Rumpole is defending Mr Napier Lee who is charged with running a disorderly house and the accusation of blackmail.

Rumpole and The Expert Witness (25.12.2012)
1964. Rumpole is asked to represent Doctor Ned Dacre, who is accused of murdering his wife, Sally.

Rumpole and The  Gentle Art of Blackmail (18.12.2012)
1964. Rumpole returns to his place of study, Oxford, to defend a young gardener, Peter Vernon, who is accused of blackmailing the Head of St Joseph’s College.

Rumpole and The Explosive Evidence (02.03.2012)
1960. Hilda and Rumpole have a son named Nicholas. Rumpole, plagued by a severe flu, defends a safe-cracker, and reveals the shady businesses of a senior police officer.

Rumpole and The Man of God (01.03.2012)
1959. Rumpole defends a priest who is accused of shoplifting. Although he has clearly not committed the crime, he is to be cross-examined under oath.

Rumpole and The Eternal Triangle (10.08.2010)
Rumpole is surprisingly approached by Elizabeth Casterini, the beautiful violinist of the “Casterini Trio”, at their concert which he attents with his wife Hilda. Rumpole falls for her charms, but then the cellist, Tom Randall, is found dead.

Rumpole and The Family Pride (09.08.2010)
Rumpole spends time with the aristocracy of Yorkshire, which is in relation with the family of his wife Hilda, while he represents a lord in the court of inquiry.

Rumpole and The Penge Bungalow Murders (26.05.2009)
The young Horace Rumpole defends a young man accused of murder, but pleaded not guilty until the contrary is proved. Rumpole faces the opposition of the “establishment” and receives support from an unexpected party.

Image Credit: BBC