Scales of Justice (2008) Audio


Benedict reads the detective adventure of Inspector Alleyn who investigates in a seemingly quiet small town.

Scales of Justice, written by Ngaio Marsh, was first published in 1955 and is the 18th novel with detective Roderick Alleyn in the lead role. The audio book, read by Benedict Cumberbatch, was released on 6 November 2008.

Swevenings is a picturesque small town. There are no scandals, no incidents or other, only the upper class of the population is a little snobbish and eccentric. However, the idyll changes abruptly as Colonel Cartarette’s body is found on a quiet river. Inspector Roderick Alleyn is called in and uncovers many secrets of the inhabitants of Sweveningsin during his investigations…

The story is available as book and audio book on Amazon.

Image Credit: TheBookPeople