Seven Women (2005) Audio


A party in the 1920s – and Benedict as Mr. Tovey challenges his friend to find a murderer under the party guest.

Seven Women is a revised version of JM Barrie’s earlier play “The Legend of Leonora,” which in turn is the first act of the play “The Adored One” produced in London in 1913. It was first performed at the New Theatre in London in 1917 under that name.

Early 1920s. Mr. and Ms. Tovey are a friendly couple in the prime of life, giving a dinner party in their home in Chelsea. Captain Rattray arrives very early and delves into a banter with his friend Tovey about what women will be coming to the party. Tovey told him that one of the women was a murderer – and challenges him to a game: To find out who of the visitors is the murderer?

The drama aired on 21 September 2005 on BBC Radio 4. Benedict Cumberbatch plays Tovey. The cast also includes Bill Paterson, Diana Quick, Harriet Walter and Alexander Armstrong.

Image Credit: BBC