Silverwing (2009) Audio


Benedict speaks in the story about a young bat several roles with different voices and accents.

The Silverwing Book Series is a fantasy book series written by the Canadian science fiction writer Kenneth Oppel and tells in child-friendly language the adventures of young bats. The series consists of 3 volumes – Silverwing, Sunwing and Firewing. The fourth book in the series, Darkwing, plays 65 million years back in time, when the first bat discovered that it can fly.

Unfortunately, the airing sources diverge. So at one hand there is an airing in July 2009 on the BBC iPlayer mentioned, on the other hand an airing on BBC Radio 7 in the children’s show ” Big Toe Books”.

In the audio version of Silverwing Benedict Cumberbatch speaks several roles with different voices and accents, the story of the young bat Shade.

What is it about:
It is the story of the little bat Shade. It belongs to the Silverwing colony, and is a bit clumsy and slow. But Shade is also curious. And so he dares, as the only one, to take the forbidden glimpse at the sun during daybreak – and thus breaking an iron law, as with the beginning sunrise the forest belongs to the owls. To escape the vengeful owls, the Silverwing colony must now leave earlier than planned to the south. During the difficult journey that lies ahead of them, Shade is driven out to the sea in a violent storm – and is on is own for the first time.

Searching his colony in an adventurous journey he meets mysterious friends and terrible enemies – and realizes that it is no longer only for his own survival, but for that of the whole colony. And when Shade finally reaches the winter refuge of his own, he did not only face snow and ice, got to know the darkness in the depths of the earth and the brightness of the day, and thunder and lightning, but also friendship and enmity, encouragement and hatred – Shade has grown up within his adventure


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