Small Island (2009) TV


Against the backdrop of WW2, the fates of two couples, including Benedict as Bernard, are closely linked.

Small Island is a 2-part TV movie adapted for the BBC and based on the award-winning novel by Andrea Levy in 2004, first broadcast on 6 December 2009.

The Guardian honoured the novel as one of the most important books of the decade in 2009.

The film received eight nominations, including one for Best Supporting Actor for Benedict Cumberbatch in 2010, and four awards, including BAFTA Award for Best Television Music ( 2010).

Benedict is seen as the main protagonist Bernard.

What is it about:
These are the years for the 2nd World War, though the main action takes place in 1948 and is explained through flashbacks. In the center of the story are 4 main characters Hortense and her husband Gilbert as well as Queenie and her husband Bernard, whose lives are inextricably linked by the war.

The former are Jamaican immigrants who fight hard for recognition as blacks in their alleged dreamland England. The second, a couple separated by war but united by a variety of reasons – he, because he loves her, and she because she is expecting a better life than the one with her parents on their pig farm.

The two couples are experiencing everyday problems such as jealousy or one-sided love, but also a slowly and tenderly development of feelings for each other, as actually both marriages have been decided by reason as both women married in the hope for a better life …


John Alexander

Andrea Levy (novel)
Paula Milne (screenplay)
Sarah Williams (screenplay)

Naomie Harries (Hortense), David Oyelowo (Gilbert), Ruth Wilson (Queenie), Ashely Walters (Michael) and others

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