South Pacific (2009) TV


Benedict as narrator of enchanting documentary about the most impressive natural spectacle, the South Pacific.

South Pacific (in the U.S. under the title Wild Pacific) is a nature documentary by the BBC Natural History Unit in association with the Discovery Channel and was first aired on 10 May 2009 on BBC 2. The six-part series shows beautiful images and unprecedented shoots of amazing natural wonders of the South Pacific region.

The shooting of the documentation in the different regions around the Pacific took over 18 months to complete. In this way an extraordinary series of images from Anuta, the Bank Islands, Papua New Guinea, the Kingman Reef, Tuvalu, Palau and many others was created. The series, filmed entirely in HD, is available on DVD and Blu-Ray, lasts about 50 minutes each and offers a lot of background information about the dangerous moments and challenges the crew had to face during their work. In the same year the episode “Ocean of Islands” was nominated for the RTS Craft & Design Award in the category Best Sound.

The theme music, a ukulele medley, is based on Judy Garland’s world famous song The Wizard of Oz. Benedict Cumberbatch acts as narrator in this unique nature documentary.


Mark Brownlow (4 episodes)
Chiara Bellati (2 episodes)
Jonathan Clay (2 episodes)

Mike Row (himself), Richard Wollocombe (himself), Mark Brownlox (himself)

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Some parts of the astonishing documentary narrated by Benedict Cumberbatch can be watched here:

The Coral Gardening

Flightless Parrot

Bull Shark feeding in Fiji

River of Lava

Royal Penguins