Spellbound (2008) Audio


Benedict as Dr. Murchison being accused of being a scam in this thrilling detective story.

Spellbound is an adaptation by Amanda Dalton, based on the crime story “The House of Edwardes” by Francis Beeding, which in turn served as the basis for the Hitchcock film Spellbound.

The piece was as part of the “Saturday Play” series on BBC Radio 4 and first aired on 16 February 2008. Benedict Cumberbatch plays the role of Dr. Murchison. The other cast members include Hattie Morahan, Alexandra Mathey, Davis Fleeshman, among others.

Dr. Constance Sedgewick, just finished his training as psychiatrist, and Doctor Murchison, author of several books on psychology, meet at Landry House in Yorkshire. But soon Dr. Murchison is accused of being a cheater…

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