Spooks (2003) TV


Benedict plays the part of Jim North in one episode of the BBC drama Spooks.

Spooks is a BBC-produced TV series, which aired from 13 May 2002 until 23 October 2010 on BBC One and consisted of 10 seasons. The series, about an anti- terrorist unit of the MI-5 and its boss, Harry Pearce, won several awards, including the BAFTA Award for Best Drama Series in 2003.

The show had guest appearances from stars throughout the seasons, among them Benedict Cumberbatch. He made a brief appearance as Jim North in one episode.

What is it about:
The anti-terrorist unit “Section D” of the British Intelligence MI-5 (under the direction of Harry Pearce) fights against any terrorist group that could belong to the Al- Qaeda network.

Gunrunners, enemy agents, ruthless racists, militant anti-abortionists and all sorts of hostile groups that plan to harm the British government or attempt to transform the United Kingdom into a totalitarian state, are also successfully tracked and battled. In addition, the private lives of the protagonists play also a part in the show, and how they struggle to manage job and private life.


Peter Firth (Harry Pearce), Hugh Simon (Malcolm Wynn-Jones), Nicola Walker (Ruth Evershed) and others.

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