The Biggest Secret (2004) Audio


Benedict as Cpt. Rob Collin who is enlisted to be part of the historic day of the invasion 1944

To remember the D-Day on June 6, 1944, a series of documentaries, dramas and debates aired on BBC Radio 4 on June 5/6, 2004, including The Biggest Secret.The Biggest Secret was written by Mike Walker, and plays on 5 June 1944, one day before the invasion. Captain Rob Collins is recovering in a hospital from a failed parachute jump when he is suddenly called back to base. He suspects that he is called back to participate in the upcoming invasion, for which he was prepared for more than 2 years.Benedict Cumberbatch speaks the role of Captain Rob Collins in this drama. Other cast members are Andrew Mackintosh, Claudia Harrison, Jamie Glover, etc.

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