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In this fine documentary Benedict is reading excerpts from W. Golding’s diaries, author of The Lord of the Flies.

The Dreams of William Golding is the 101st episode of the documentary series Arena and was aired first on 17 March 2012 .

Arena is a BBC production that runs already since 1 October 1975. More than 500 episodes have been aired until today showing different themes and portraits of special people. Thus, Arena reported about Salvador Dalí  as well as Bob Dylan, the Chelsea Hotel or the Ford Cortina.
In 1978, an episode was even devoted to a song – My Way was about the famous song of the same name, but in the version of Sid Vicious (Sex Pistols).
A lot was written and said about Arena, maybe one of the best statements is the one of Werner Herzog: “Arena is the oasis in the sea of ​​insanity that is television”.

The Dreams of William Golding, as the title suggests, is the  fascinating portrait of the great British author of The Lord of the Flies (1954) who became world famous with his book.

Sir William Gerald Golding lived from 19 September 1911 to 19 June 1993. He already started writing at the age of seven, later shifted his study of natural sciences to in English literature. His first book “Poems ” appeared even before its completion when Golding was just 23 years old. With the outbreak of World War II, Golding was drafted as a naval officer, these experiences influenced his subsequent works. After the war he continued his activities as a teacher and writer. The success of his novels Lord of the Flies, The Heirs, The rocks of the second death and Freefall allowed him to give up his job as a teacher in 1961.
In 1979 he was rewarded with the James Tait Black Memorial Prize and in 1980 with the Booker Prize. Moreover, he received the Nobel Prize for Literature in 1983.

Benedict Cumberbatch, already played in the BBC adaptation of Golding’s trilogy To The Ends of the Earth in 2004, reads excerpts from William Golding’s diaries in this nice episode

What is it about
It is a sensitive, empathetic portrait of the best-known British writer of the 20th century. Based on private film footage and its hitherto unknown diaries in which Golding wrote down his dreams, director Adam Low takes us into the world of the reclusive author: a versatile, fascinating personality, who – although marked by experiences of war and witnessed the liberation of the concentration camps – always admired and marvelled the unbroken beauty and wonderful curiosities of the world.

Adam low

William Golding (archive footage), Judy Golding (his daughter, personally), David Golding (his son, personally), John Carey (in person), Stephen King (in person), Nigel Williams (in person) including Benedict Cumberbatch

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