The Lady from the Sea (2003) Theater

the lady from the sea

Benedict as Lyngstrand in a story about a woman who has to decide between her current life and love.

The Lady from the Sea was written by Norwegian playwright Henrik Ibsen 1988 in Munich. The play ran from 8 May to 28 June 2003 at London’s Almeida Theatre. Benedict Cumberbatch played the part of Lyngstrand.

What is it about:
Ellida lives with her husband Doctor Wangel, and his two children (Bolette and Hilde) from his first marriage in a small town on the coast of Norway. However, she feels trapped in the marriage, doesn’t get along very well with the two daughters and lives in her desire for the old life. 10 years ago she had met a young sailor, and was also engaged to him. But he was forced to flee, because he had murdered the captain of the ship. Before fleeing, he asked Ellida to wait, and promised to return. Now after all these years the sailor returns, and wants to get Ellida. Ellida is facing a difficult decision..



„At the same time Nunn extracts mordant laughter from a scene, perfectly played by Benedict Cumberbatch and Claudie Blakley, in which a dying young sculptor vainly seeks to persuade Bolette to find fulfilment by sacrificing herself to his art.“The Guardian

„A beautiful beguiling production!“London Theatre Guide

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