The Last Days of Grace (2008) Audio


Benedict as GF in a BBC adaptation about the life of the famous cricketer WG Grace.

1908, W.G. Grace played his last game in the first-class cricket league. With this game one of the biggest sport careers came to an end. The award-winning writer Nick Warburton wrote for this occasion a play called The Last Days of Grace.

The Last Days of Grace aired on 24 September 2008 on BBC Radio 4. The cast included Kenneth Cranham as W.G. Grace, Benedict Cumberbatch as GF and Christopher Martin-Jenkins as the Voice of Cricket.

On Easter Monday 1908, the day of his last match in the Cricket League, WG Grace meets a young man in the house of the groundkeeper at Oval (a cricket stadium in London). Together they remember the highlights of Grace’s long career including his debut for England in 1866 and the Oval test in 1880.

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Image Credit: BBC