The Last Enemy (2008) TV


In the mini-series about the totalitarian surveillance Benedict is seen as Stephen Ezard.

The Last Enemy is a BBC production from 2008 and was first broadcast on 17 February 2008.

The mini-series, consisting of 5 episodes, received two nominations at the Satellite Awards, one in the category “Best Miniseries” and one for Benedict Cumberbatch’s portrayal of Stephen Ezard for “Best Actor in a Mini-Series”.

What is it about:
Stephen Ezard, an internationally recognized scientist, returns to his hometown, London after he had learned of the death of his brother Michael. He finds London as a totalitarian surveillance system now, the government is trying to enforce a centralized database, the TIA program (Total Information Awareness), in which all people can be monitored and tracked at any time.

In Michael’s apartment Stephen encounters his brothers wife Yasmin – and an apparently dying female immigrant. Head over heels, he falls in love with the widow of his brother, who disappears as quickly as she came into his life, together with the dead woman.

Stephen therefore accepts the offer of his ex-fiancee and now high government official to work within the TIA program – to find Yasmin and to explain the mysterious death of his brother. He is drawn into a vortex of conspiracy and terrorism, deadly viruses and lethal vaccinations – and has to face a bitter truth.


Iain B. MacDonald

Peter Berry

Anamaria Marinca (Yasmin Anwar), Max Beesley (Michael Ezard), Robert Carlyle (David Russell), Eva Birthistle (Eleanor Brooke)

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