The Making of Music (2007) Audio


Benedict as a narrator in an exciting journey into Europe’s musical history.

The Making of Music is a 60-part documentary series by John Naughtie about the history of classical music, from choral singing up to contemporary music. The series was first broadcast in 15-minute episodes on BBC Radio 4, then as 1-hour episodes on BBC Radio 3, where important works could also be heard in its entirety.

The first series of in sum 30 episodes began on 4 June 2007, the following series aired later in the same year.

Benedict Cumberbatch acts as a narrator in this musical documentation.

What is it about
In the first part, the extensive documentation tries to capture the circumstances under which, why and how music was written. What has influenced a style? What shaped it? How were composers guided and inspired to bring their works to paper?

In the second part of his musical journey John Naughtie brings us closer to unknown composers and their works. It’s an exciting journey that shows us how much our music tradition reflects our past and how it continues to exist today. It is the soundtrack to the history of Europe.

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Part 1 is available as an audiobook on Amazon UK
Part 2 is also available on Amazon UK


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