The Man Who Predicted 9/11 (2005) TV


Benedict reports about the dramatic events of 9/11as narrator in this docu-drama.

The Man Who Predicted 9/11 is a documentary first aired on 5 September 2005. As the title suggests, it deals with the most horrible terrorist attack of our time, the attack on the World Trade Center on 9 September 2001.
Narrator is Benedict Cumberbatch, the interviewees of the documentary film are real people.

What is it about:
After two planes hit and destroyed the WTC on 9/11, Rick Rescorla put his plans into effect, which he had already developed years before. As a security officer of Morgan Stanley Security, which had to consider the safety of the towers and should evaluate all eventualities, Rick Rescorla also thought about the possibility of an attack like the one that happened.

After the attack in 1993, Rick saw it as a personal task, to avoid all panic and chaos scenes, like the ones happened in 1993, in the future, if there should ever happen a worst-case scenario again. The documentary tells the story of the man who foresaw the attack of 9/11 – and thus saved the lives of thousands. And that got himself killed.

Steve Humphries

Rick Rescorla (himself), Susan Rescorla (herself), Mervyn Sullivan (himself)

More information:
You can see this touching documentary here.