The Other Boleyn Girl (2008) Film


Benedict as the husband of Mary Boleyn, mistress of the most powerful man in England, Henry VIII.

The Other Boleyn Girl is a British historical drama and had its world premiere on 15 February 2008 at the International Film Festival in Berlin.

The film is based on the 2001 novel by Philippa Gregory, the first novel of her Tudor series. The story of the most famous mistresses of a king, Mary and Anne Boleyn, fight for the favour of Henry VIII and the apparent victory of one sister who ultimately paid her victory with her life, has been filmed several times including a BBC television film in 2003.

Benedict Cumberbatch plays Mary Boleyn’s husband William Carey in this award nominated movie version.

What is it about:
William Carey is happy to take his love Mary Boleyn for his wife. When Mary’s parents report that the king, Henry VIII, will pay a visit to their house and Anne is told to seduce the king and become his mistress, the plan of the power-mad parents and their still unmarried daughter Anne seems to get fulfilled.

But Henry ignites for Mary and takes her to his Court as his mistress, despite her marital status. But Anne does not want to admit defeat, she doesn’t want to be a maid of honor at Henry’s side, she wants to become Queen – and a fierce battle for the favour of the most powerful and dangerous man in England begins. And must be paid with ones life ultimately….

Justin Chadwick

Philippa Gregory (novel)
Peter Morgan (screenplay)

Natalie Portman (Anne Boleyn), Scarlett Johansson (Mary Boleyn), Eric Bana (Heinrich VIII), Jim Sturgess (George Boleyn) and others

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