The Penguins of Madagascar (2014) Film


Benedict voices a cool animal agent in the new adventures of the Penguins of Madagascar

Animation series
Expected release: 26th of November 2014 (USA)

Finally he is going to play a secret agent. Good-looking and cool. However, not in a suit like James Bond – instead with fur. Benedict voices a wolf named Classified in the new animation film “The Penguins of Madagascar”.

Since the first movie Madagascar (2005) the penguins advanced to stardom. Two more parts of the successful story had to follow until finally in 2008 the cute Penguins got their first own adventure. Now, after another six years, fans can look forward to joining another adventurous journey with Skipper and his funny, cheeky crew.

Besides Benedict another famous actor gives his voice to an animal colleague – John Malkovich voices the new enemy: the disgruntled octopus Octavius Brine (which also goes by “Dave”). By the way, Skipper is going to talk with his already well-known voice – character writer Tom McGrath will voice this main figure again.

What is happening in The Penguines of Madagascar:

The pertly crew of the penguins Skipper, Kowalski (the brain), rugged Rico and young rookie Private face a quite nasty opponent: octopus Octavius Brine, also named „Dave“, who wants nothing more than to wipe out their species. But the brave penguins are convinced that “there’s no one better to save us than us!“

But first, they got to break into Fort Know to steal the last remaining vending machine which contains Private’s favorite snack food, “Cheesy Dibbles”. What might be a better birthday present?

On their trip to save their species they also encounter the animal high-tech organisation North Wind under the leadership of the smart wolf Classified. And from this moment on Classified’s highly equipped group has to face some clever penguins that rely only on a little bit of grit, spit and duct tape to solve any problem.


Eris Darnell
Simon J. Smith

John Aboud (screenplay)
Michael Colton (screenplay)
Erin Darnell (characters)
Tom McGarth (characters)

Benedict Cumberbatch (Classified), John Malkovich (Dave), Tom McGrath (Skipper), Chris Miller (Kowalski), John DiMaggio (Rico), Christopher Knights (Private)


Benedict about his exceptional role:
“I don’t know what it’s like to be a penguin, but I do know what it’s like to be a super-duper-smooth classified agent.”
And he claims that there is a bit of Benedict within Classified’s voice as he was like a lot of boys growing up with James Bond “having fantasies of secret agents and being a spy or just working in some kind of covert manner to save the human — or in this case, animal — race.”

About the penguins he says:
“They have dreams of being warriors, and yet they’re these cute little black-and-white fellows who belong in the Arctic or a zoo.”

Concerning Classified he lets us know:
“My character has to swallow his pride and team up with them, so they have their hero moment. They really do come to the fore as the chief protagonists.”

The first trailer for this entertaining movie: