The Pillow Book (2008) Audio

The Pillow Book

Benedict as Lord Tadanobu at the Japanese imperial court in the 10th Century.

The Pillow Book aired within the 15 Minute Drama Series from 11 to 15 August 2008 on BBC Radio 4. Written by Robert Forrest, Benedict Cumberbatch reads the part of Lord Tadanobu.

Japan, 10th Century. Lieutenant Yukinari returns to the palace, only to find that the feelings of Lady Shonagon no longer in his favour, and her new lover is also not happy to see him.
While the whole palace is captivated by the Emperor’s new pet – a tiger from India, Lady Shonagon has found a job for herself: unveiling the secrets behind the marriage of her friend – a passionate affair between a woman with royal blood and a young poet.

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