The Possessed (2006) Audio

The Possessed

Benedict as Nikolai Stavrogin loses his faith in God and falls into the darkest depths of his soul.

The Possessed is an adaptation by Lou Stone, based on the book The Possessed (or also called Demons in later years) by Fyodor Dostoevsky, for BBC Radio 3. It aired on 7 May 2006. Benedict Cumberbatch played the role of Nikolai Stavrogin.

Based on the true story of a political murder in Russia in 1869, The Possessed reflects the destructive chaos that is caused by troublemakers in a small provincial town.
The focus of the story is on the enigmatic Nikolai Stavrogin. His appealing character significantly influences his mentor Stephan Verhovensky, a liberal intellectual poseur, as well as whose revolutionary son Pyotr and many other radicals.
Stavrogin is a man of strength and charisma, elegant and quite kind hearted, but without direction. When he loses his faith in God, violent desires take over, which he himself can not quite understand.

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