The Spire (2014) Audio


Benedict is reading William Golding’s story about a dean who thinks to be chosen to build an impossible high spire.

“The Spire” (1964) is a novel by the English author William Golding, most famous for his novel “Lord of the Flies” (1954). It is the story of a dean, who wants to build an enormously high spire upon his cathedral, a creation against all reason and all calculations.

As Golding was a teacher in Salisbury between 1939 and 1961 it is assumed he thought of the high central tower of the gothic cathedral of Salisbury, completed in 1350 and since then Englands highest spire.

Benedict reads the history of this creation from the perspective of the dean in an almost 7 hour recording.

What is it about:

Dean Jocelin feels chosen to build a 400 feet high spire upon his Cathedral. Everyone calls him crazy, even the Sacristan and the clergy. Against all disbeliever and all the calculations attesting the project as impossible, Jocelin orders he builder Roger Mason to create his will.

And the more the spire grows up to the sky the more all humanity tumbles down. The spire’s fundament is built on cruelty, dirt and mud.

William Golding

Benedict Cumberbatch

6Std 49Min

More information:
The audiobook is available from 4 September.
The paperback can be found at e.g. Amazon.