The Tempest (2004) Audio


Benedict as Ferdinand, son of the King of Naples, in Shakespeare’s last play “The Tempest”

Sir Ian McKellen as Prospero leads this audio recording of Shakespeare’s last play, The Tempest, with a strong cast including Emilia Fox as Miranda, Scott Handy as Ariel and Benedict Cumberbatch as Ferdinand.

Banished by his brother Antonio, Prospero, the rightful Duke of Milan, and his daughter Miranda land on a small island in the sea. 12 years have passed in which Prospero seeked the help in the art of magic and improved his magical powers. And finally his opportunity for revenge comes: The ship of his brother is on his way back from Tunis and passes Prospero’s island. Prospero uses his magical powers and evokes a storm that weakens the ship.
The castaways find themselves in a world in which they encounter not only the magician Prospero, but also nature spirits that inhabit the island. Ferdinand, the stranded son of the King of Naples, falls in love with Miranda, the daughter of the magician.
An emotional story of intrigues, pranks and confusion begins….

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Image Credit: Wikipedia