The Thrilling Stories of the Railway (2008) Audio


Exciting stories about the clever Railway Detective Thorpe Hazell – Read by Benedict.

The Thrilling Stories of the Railway, written by Victor L. Whitechurch, is a collection of 9 stories about the railway detective Thorpe Hazell, as well as 6 further independent novels.

From 08. – 12. December 2008 the 5 stories, read by Benedict Cumberbatch, aired on BBC Radio 4:

The Affair of the German Dispatch-Box:
Amateur detective and railway expert Thorpe Hazell opts for a daring plan to bring a crucial document in his possession before it reaches the German ambassador.
Sir Gilbert Murrell’s Picture:
A whole wagon with precious paintings disappears from a freight train, although the train hasn’t stooped at any point. Hazell’s skills and knowledge are required.
The Affair Of The Corridor Express:
The son of a multimillionaire mysteriously disappears from a moving train. Hazell has to find the kidnapper before the boy is lost forever.
The Stolen Necklace:
A passenger asks Thorpe Hazell for assistance, after diamonds were stolen from the pocket of the passenger’s aunt.
The Affair of the Birmingham Bank:
The Bank of Birmingham sends its gold reserves by train and Hazell is called in to protect them from a possible robbery.

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