The Turning Point (2009) Theater


Benedict shines in the role of double agent Guy Burgess in a meeting with Winston Churchill in this play for Sky Arts

In The Turning Point, written by Michael Dobbs, Benedict Cumberbatch takes the role of Guy Burgess while Matthew Marsh plays the part of Winston Churchill. The play was part of the Sky Arts Theatre Live! Series, which won the Broadcasting Press Guild Best Multichannel Programme Award.

What is it about:
1938. Winston Churchill is far away from the highly acclaimed statesman who he used to be. Deprived of political allies, without power and with depression and debts, he decides to agree to an interview with a journalist from the BBC series “The Week of Westminster”. The meeting of the two runs aggressively, yet passionate, and reveals more about their political loyalties and personal depths, up to the point where both realise that they have much more in common than they think.
The Turning Point brings together two of Britain’s most important personalities of the 1920s, one which shall lead his country to victory, while the other will be exposed as a key member of the traitorous Cambridge Spies.


The Turning Point:


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